New Project Manager

Hello, I just a quick post to introduce myself and to let you know what is happening on the project. I’m Joy Head and I’ve recently started as the new Project Manager. I was previously working on the Welsh Information Literacy Project (a wonderful project to be part of) but as Digidol starts to take shape I’m already feeling really excited by the potential that it has to enable growth in so many key areas such as employability, widening access, independent learning and pedagogic innovation.

It has been a busy first few weeks but we have put together a detailed project plan which has been agreed and submitted to JISC , established our steering group and held our initial meeting . Joe and I are now working away on our first deliverable which is to establish a baseline for digital literacy across Cardiff University learning and teaching. Joe has been working with the schools and already we have had several meetings with partners from other related projects around the university including PCUTL, PALET and Lean. I’m really enjoying the engagement side of the project and I’d just like to thank you, if you have been one of the many individuals who has supported us so far and to invite you to contact us and be part of the project as it develops. You can follow us on twitter @DigidolProject or alternatively all of our contact details are shown under the ‘About’ tab. Looking forward to working with you, Joy