Monthly Archives: July 2011

Introducing Project Digidol

Project Digidol aims to embed processes and practices that enable the development of Digital Literacy in all staff and students across all areas and levels of the University. It is understood that this will be as much about changing attitudes and beliefs, as it will be about realising practical knowledge and skills. Organisational change and effective change management will be key aspects of the project.

Cardiff University recognises Digital Literacy as being of fundamental importance to developing the future capability of its work force and graduates. Such highly transferable knowledge and skills are seen as essential if organisations and businesses are to become agile and adaptive in a rapidly changing world.

A range of top-down and bottom-up approaches to enabling change will be explored. Senior managers will be involved to help realise broader engagement and to develop and drive forward the strategic imperative for addressing Digital Literacy. We will work directly with students and staff to design and develop resources and learning activities so that they become integrated aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula and programmes of staff development.

The project will develop an exemplar organisational model for embedding Digital Literacy across courses and curricula which can be adapted and delivered across to other HEIs. The project will include a comparative before and after analysis of the extent and suitability of digital literacy provision, a repository of learning materials and a post implementation review of the organisational change processes and the development of institutional thinking on Digital Literacy that will form a toolkit for use by other HEIs.